Parent Voice

What do our parents and carers say about our home learning offer?
(This survey was conducted in February 2021. 31 parents/Carers responded).

I'd just like to say thank you very much for all your help and support during these difficult times.

The school are doing an amazing job. Hopefully these crazy times will be behind us soon and we can have some form of normality back for the kids. In the meantime keep up the amazing work you are doing, you all deserve a medal.

I am really happy with the level of home learning XXX is receiving, the Google meets allow there to be a structure to the day and he gets to see his friends which helps his mental health! Thank you for all you are doing.

Very happy with everything, thanks so much to all the staff for their time and efforts. We are enjoying the Google Meets and Dojo is a fantastic resource.

I think its working really well this time round. The children are much happier as am I and the work is easy to access and they are enjoying it a lot more than last time. The Google meets are fantastic so they get to interact with teachers and classmates.

Excellent work teachers as must be so hard trying juggle in school lessons as well as home lessons. Spot on communication.

Collecting paper work on a Monday is a great help

My son is currently in snow leopards class with Miss Wilson. I can’t thank Miss Wilson enough for everything she does and the days XXX has been home schooled and joined live classes I have been so impressed with how amazing Miss Wilson is with all the children she genuinely cares about every single one of them and is a fantastic teacher. XXX loves going to school because of Miss Wilson and the lovely class he is in.

We are really happy with the provision and are really impressed at the teachers’ quick adaptation to online teaching. Thank you to everyone for their hard work. 

Really appreciate you guys. I know you are juggling kids at school and kids at home. I think you are doing a fantastic job. Every question I have has been answered and Mrs Morgan has even pulled extra stuff together for us. Thank you!

Thank you for all the effort put in by all staff during these times!

Lots of support from our class teacher, staff always willing to help.

Support from school has been fantastic. Although home learning can never replace being in a classroom, I feel the live lessons help. Being able to contact teachers via class dojo is great, and always gets a positive response. Well done!



What do our parents and carers say since we reopened to all children in September 2020?
(This survey was conducted on Friday 25th September 2020. 53 parents/carers responded).


I think the school are doing all they can to keep the children safe. Unfortunately it is the time of year when coughs and colds do the rounds and it’s going to be extremely difficult for both parents and schools to deal with. 

Much better having the staggered start and finish times

Nothing to improve, I think you have all done yourselves proud with how you have dealt with the current circumstances.

Its an amazing achievement for the staff to have worked so hard getting things ready for the children to return. I am more than happy with how things are and my children are very happy and glad to be back so thank you.

I’ve got full confidence in school and what it’s doing. Well done all.

Fantastic approach to the covid-19 pandemic. School drop off and pick up are much better and seems less chaotic and more calm. Well done Swillington.

Fantastic new system, fantastic new leadership, fantastic start to the new year!!!

All issues that I have raised with regards to my child have been dealt with in a swift manner thank you.

Really nice to see the head teacher outside both before and after school. He seems very approachable. Mrs Moss in the office is lovely and helpful as is Miss Shann.

Children very happy and settled, new teacher seems to have had a positive impact on the penguin class.

Much more of a positive atmosphere all round and seems more organised. Communication much better and seems to be a more positive approach to behaviour and rewards for doing the right thing. Extremely pleased
My child absolutely loves this school and staff and they are always on hand should I need any help.

Approachable and helpful Head. Children have appreciated phone calls home and praise for good behaviour.

Staff are always happy and welcoming when entering the school.

Well organised and guidelines followed.

Swillington continues to be a safe and happy environment for our little boy.

My child and myself are happy she is back at school learning with her friends.

We are happy with the school.

Seems very organised, I feel informed and my child is engaged and happy! Thank you to you all.

I am happy with the way school are now dealing with issues and letting parents know of any concerns.

Both my children and me are happy with the school since going back.

Much stronger and effective leadership, higher expectations in terms of behaviour and the conviction to put this into practice.

I feel more in contact with my daughters education using the Dojo app. Being a full time working parent and totally feel that school is doing everything to keep her safe.

I think most parents at the school have a good relationship with teachers and the children really enjoy attending.

We are very happy with all the arrangements and feel our child is very safe at school. She is also very happy and enjoying being back so thank you. No concerns at all. Lovely to see Mr Cahill greeting everyone outside too.

So happy with xxxxx progress since coming back to school a short few weeks ago. All staff are doing an amazing job with everything that’s going on.

My daughter is very happy to be back in school.

The staff all seem really good and happy and both xxxx and xxxx enjoy school.

Well done for navigating this very challenging time and for keeping the children’s mental health top of the priority list. We have 2 children at Swilly and our youngest has just started in Snow Leopards. He is having a marvellous time and we love hearing his stories at the end of the day. Well done everyone in the team.

I am very happy with how well the school is organised and feel that I am kept up to date with information through Class dojo. My child is happy settled and loves been back in school . Thank you for all your hard work.

My children have really enjoyed getting back to school.

Your all doing a brilliant job. Thank you very much for keeping my children safe and happy.

I'm very happy with how swillington are handling the current situation.

I receive much more information about what is happening with school and newsletters from the head teacher this year than I’ve ever had before which is brilliant.

Very happy with the school.

I have been very impressed with the prompt replies from the school team and the way they dealt with my concerns. It's nice to know that the school take bullying and racism as seriously as we as parents do. Thank you team.

School drop off and collecting run smoothly and quickly.

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