All the teachers are qualified to teach across the Primary Age Range (5-11).

Sometimes teachers will move to teach a different year group – this is important for their continuing professional development.

All the teachers are qualified to teach every National Curriculum subject and Religious Education.

The school employs several teaching assistants who provide invaluable support to children, at the teacher’s direction.

The curriculum is enriched by many additional and extra curricular activities – the children are often taught by other adults such as sports coaches, actors, workshops provided in specific subjects such as design and technology, history.

There are often circumstances in which a supply teacher is employed to cover for one of our staff members. The usual reason for this is either staff absence, (sickness, family circumstances), professional development, leadership release time and PPA (Planning Preparation and Assessment) time to which all staff are entitled.

Staff absence is often unpredictable and every effort is taken to ensure quality cover and continuity for the children.

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