Swillington Pre school

Swillington Primary School is a foundation Primary School within the Leeds Education Authority, catering for children in the age range 3 – 11.

Swillington Primary does not currently cater for under 3’s but it does have very close ties with the local run Preschool Playgroup. Details of this group are below.


It is important to note that this is a private run organisation which hires the school’s Community Room. It is not part of Swillington Primary School and is not subject to the same rules or regulations of the School or Governing Body.
Entrance is through the Community Room door and not the main school entrance.



Swillington Pre-School Playgroup and Stay & Play is a non-profit, Charity-run organisation dedicated to providing a safe and caring environment for pre-school children to play, make friends and explore new surroundings.

We are a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance (PLA) which is a national organisation dedicated to supporting the work of Pre-Schools.

If you would like further information on Swillington Pre-School Playgroup and Stay & Play please contact them at:

Address: Swillington Pre-School Playgroup and Stay & Play
c/o Swillington Primary School
Church Lane
LS26 8DX
Tel: 0754 169 4401
Email: swillingtonpreschool@googlemail.com
Website: http://www.swillingtonpreschool.org.uk

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