Sports Premium Funding

At Swillington Primary School, we are committed to the delivery of a high quality PE and sport curriculum and to the promotion of healthy and active lifestyles. We aim to develop skills and knowledge through participation in diverse and varied physical activity and sport, as well as improving fitness and developing social skills.

In order to promote health and fitness, the government allocated £8000 (plus £5 per pupil) to all primary schools. 25% of primary schools sport premium funding has been used centrally for a coordinated vision across the Brigshaw Learning partnership and Trust. This is collaborative work across 7 schools.

This has been used for the following purposes

  • Teacher release of a PE and Sport Coordinator from the High school to lead and the development of high quality PE and Sport.


Competitive Sport and Festivals

An increased range of inter school sports competitions for all schools in the Trust including:

  • 2 Swimming galas for years 3,4,5,6,
  • Cross country competition for year 4,5,6,
  • Dance in a day project for key stage two,
  • 2 Multi skills competitions for year 1 & 2,
  • Cricket festival for year 5 & 6,
  • Tag rugby festival with Leeds Rhinos for year 5 & 6,
  • Tag rugby East Leeds Schools year 5/6
  • 4 football league tournaments for year 4, 5, & 6,
  • 2 Girls only football tournaments
  • Rounders tournament for year5, 6
  • 5 Netball league tournaments year 4,5 & 6
  • Sports hall athletic for, year 5&6
  • Sports hall athletics for year 3 & 4
  • Girls futsal for year 4,5,& 6
  • Skipping festival year 4 – all year 4 pupils
  • Skipping Festival year 2 – all year 2 pupils
  • Trust Olympics – tag rugby, dodgeball, handball, relays all pupils in year 4,5,6 (a, b, and c teams)
  • Paralympic festival including Boccia, Goalball, Seated Volleyball, Indoor Kurling – all year 3 pupils
  • Intra school cycling competitions for year 5 & 6
  • Inter school cycling competition for year 5 & 6
  • A total of 29 inter school sports competitions / festivals
  • ·Trust Olympic day for actively involving all students in years 4, 5 and 6
  • Transport to the event and cost of hiring the sports stadium, football pitches and sports halls
  • Cost of medals and trophies for all events
  • Provision of a sports awards evening and costs of medals and certificates


Raising the Quality of Physical Education

  • Provision of a range of CPD courses
  • Gymnastics key stage 1
  • PE subject leader training on curriculum provision and assessment
    • New schemes and PE resources of work reviewed and launched in Sept 2016
    • Videos of questioning and new sample video of high quality PE now available on the PE hub on google drive
    • Joint observations of PE with PE subject leaders
    • Bespoke 1:1 support
      • Team teaching with primary staff
      • Subject leader development meetings to put development plans in place

More Able and Talented Students

More able and talented PE workshops. Growth mind set, SAQ, Diet, Trip to a bouldering climbing centre to stretch and challenge students.


Healthy Active Lifestyles

  • Boxercise/kick boxing/archery/boccia/fencing clubs set up targeting less active pupils
  • Play leader training for primary school pupils
  • Play leader conference for Trust play leaders
  • Trust high viz playleader vests for play leaders


PE and Writing

  • Sports Journalism teams formed in each school, producing blogs, reports, and newsletters.


The Impact of this has been:

  • Achievement of the school games mark for all schools
  • An increased provision of competition for all age groups within school
  • ALL pupils in year ,3 4, 5, and 6 took part in a level two inter school competition
  • Year 1 & 2 opportunity to take part in inter school competition
  • Increased physical activity levels before school and during breaks and lunches
  • Improved constructive play at breaks and lunches
  • An improvement in the quality of PE lessons within schools, including clearer lesson structures, improved learning environment, improved teacher knowledge and confidence in delivering PE across all key stages.
  • An increase in the number of pupils taking part in extra-curricular sport and physical activity
  • An increased focus on the status of PE leading to enhanced motivation of pupils
  • An increase in the numbers of schools regularly taking part in inter school sport
  • A higher profile and importance placed on PE within the school and the Trust


Did You Know?

Swillington Primary is part of the Sainsbury’s School Games. The Sainsbury’s School Games is a unique opportunity to motivate and inspire millions of young people across the country to take part in more competitive school sport.

The Games are made up of three levels of activity: competition in schools, between schools, and at a county/area level.

The Games are designed to build on the magic of 2012 to enable every school and child to participate in competitive sport, including meaningful opportunities for disabled youngsters.

In 2014-15, our aim was to achieve ‘Bronze School Games Award’ by Christmas and we in fact achieved the ‘Silver School Games Award’. Even better, in 2016 we received the ‘Gold School Games Award’!

You can find out more at at Sainsburys School Games website


Overview of sports participation

2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-19 and 2021-2022 were incredibly successful years for sports throughout the the Brigshaw Learning Partnership in terms of school and pupil involvement in competitions, festivals and dance events, increases in pupil activity via Wake Up, Shake Up, play leader, multi sport and boxercise clubs, not to mention the success of schools across the trust in winning trophies and reaching East Leeds, Leeds and county finals in a range of sports!

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